Baja SAE

Baja SAE is a series of annual competitions that challenge teams from across the world to design, build, and race off road cars. Every car must have the same specification engine. As of 2014 the engine has been an unmodified Briggs & Stratton Intek 20 with a power output of approximately 10 hp.


There are two parts to each competition, each with their own series of events known as the static and dynamic events.


The events award the team points towards a grand total, the team with the greatest total wins the competition overall.


Some events, such as tech inspection, award no points but are required in order to proceed to other events for safety reasons.

Static Events
Cost Report
A comprehensive cost report detailing all incurred costs (raw materials, manufacturing procedures, as built parts etc...) in producing the designed vehicle is submitted to the prior to the competition and is reviewed by a panel of judges. This includes two real case scenarios where the team must respond to a challenge related to the cost or manufacturing of a given vehicle component. Points Awarded: 100 points Design Report
The objective of the engineering design event is to evaluate the engineering effort that went into the design of the vehicle and how the engineering meets the intent of the market, as detailed by the rulebook. Students will be judged on the creation of design specifications and the ability to meet those specifications, computer aided drafting, analysis, testing and development, manufacturability, serviceability, system integration and how the vehicle works together as a whole. Each of these parts of the engineering product development cycle will be judged within the following subsystems: Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Drivetrain/Powertrain, Chassis and ergonomics.* Points Awarded: 150 points Sales Presentation
The objective of the Presentation is for the team to convince the “executives” of a hypothetical manufacturing company to purchase the team’s vehicle design and put it into production at the rate of 4000 units per year. For the purpose of the presentation, teams are to assume that the judges are to be a mixed group of corporate executives who may have experience in marketing, production and finance as well as engineering. One or more team members may make the presentation to the judges. The presentation itself is limited to a maximum of ten (10) minutes. Following the presentation there will be an approximately five (5) minute question period.* Points Awarded: 50 points Tech Inspection
No points are awarded for the technical inspection. All participating teams vehicles must pass tech in order to participate in any of the Dynamic Events. This inspection determines that the prototype vehicle meets the competition rules and requirements these rules in order to ensure the safety of all participants during the dynamic events. Points Awarded: Pass/Fail Dynamic Events
The acceleration event evaluates each vehicle's ability to come up to speed quickly from a standing start. The event is measured as the time to complete a 100 [ft] or 150 [ft] course, with a surface varying from pavement to loose dirt.* Points Awarded: 75 points Manoeuvrability
Manoeuvrability is designed to assess each vehicle’s handling ability over typical Baja terrain. The course may consist of a variety of challenges at the organizer’s option, possibly including tight turns, pylon manoeuvres, ruts and bumps, drop-offs, sand, rocks, gullies, logs, and inclines.* Points Awarded: 75 points Hill Climb
The Hill Climb Event is designed to measure each vehicle's ability to transmit climbing force to the ground. This event tests tests the vehicle's relative ability to climb an incline from a standing start. The event organizer will determine the hill height steepness and surface.* Points Awarded: 75 points Rock Crawl 
(Description to be added) Points Awarded: 75 points Endurance
The 4 hour endurance race is the ultimate test of the vehicle's performance and durability. The endurance event assesses each vehicle's ability to operate continuously and at high speed over rough terrain containing obstacles in any weather conditions. Points Awarded: 400 points

*Description from 2017 Baja SAE Rulebook