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UMSAE is a unique, student run, not for profit organization that allows students to develop their technical, design, management and organizational skills amongst many others. This organization provides students an opportunity to develop and apply knowledge from their classes and encourages students to challenge themselves and seek out and learn on their own. UMSAE members must learn to work in large team environments, collaborating with other members while maintaining independence and self-sufficiency.


This student organization would not exist with out the generosity of our sponsors! By sponsoring UMSAE you will continue to provide students this unique and engaging experience which supplements their in class experience and provides them the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge. Many of our alumni have gone on to exciting professions in their respective fields.


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UMSAE Alumni Success Stories

Thanks to the generosity of our contributors many of our members have graduated from their University degrees with the additional skills and confidence to make a huge impact in their world and achieve their own lofty goals as professionals.  This would not be possible with out the help of the community, local and international companies. You can read about some of them below.