Donate Now via the University of Manitoba

If you have some extra income at your disposal please consider donating to UMSAE.  You can donate directly to UMSAE via the University of Manitoba's website, and these donations will go to help fund all four of the teams, build their respective vehicles, and contribute to furthering the education of our student members.


The following options are currently the only acceptable methods of accepting donations for UMSAE. Any questions in regards to recognizing donors should be addressed to the Sponsorship Director, all other questions in regards to the financial side of donations should be addressed to the Treasurer.


There are currently 3 methods of donations: credit, cheque, or cash.




Option 1: Credit card


1. Complete the Donor's information form on the University of Manitoba Website.


2. Complete the Tax Receipt Request Form.


3. Email the completed form to the UMSAE Treasurer.


4. If you wish for the donation to go towards the funding of a specific team, please indicate which team in your email to the Treasurer.




Option 2: Cheque


UMSAE can accept cheques for donations, with correct documentation the donor can still receive a tax receipt for their contribution to our organization.


Note: without the correct documentation a tax receipt will not be issued, and following the cashing of a cheque it will be too late for a tax receipt to be generated.


1. Ensure that the cheque is made out to either "UMSAE" or "University of Manitoba Chapter of SAE International".


2. Complete the Tax Receipt Request Form.


3. Deliver the completed form and cheque to the UMSAE Treasurer.





Option 3: Cash (Not preferred)


1. Complete the Tax Receipt Request Form.


2. Place all cash in a sealed envelope with the Tax Receipt Request Form.


3. Ensure the envelope is labeled correctly with the donor's mailing address.


4. Deliver the completed form and envelope to the UMSAE Treasurer.