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UMSAE Electric is the youngest team of the UMSAE organization. Much like the Formula Team we compete against other race cars at an internationally renowned competition but under the electric vehicle class. Originally formed as Formula Hybrid, the team has grown exponentially since its founding. Now a group of some 40 plus students is involved with the design and fabrication of the fully electric open-wheel race car. The unique challenges of designing an electric vehicle require the skills of a variety of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. The team has become incredibly diverse with students from even more programs including computer science, business, biosystems engineering and the University 1 program.

UMSAE Electric News

Team Update
Website Administration - Friday, October 07, 2016 
The Formula SAE Electric competition was over three months ago now, and we have since begun work on our next car. However, after our return, we were still not finished with ePBR16. Just because the competition has passed does not mean that there  ...

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