Abdul Isse - Thursday, September 01, 2016


               It’s that time of year again. Time to brush off those scientific calculators, sharpen those pencils and ready those faithful erasers. With this new school year beginning we keep in mind the competition clock keeps on ticking. Teams have been busy this summer learning everything they can about this year’s success and failures, and setting up new goals/targets to reach for this year. This summer the Chair of UMSAE, Marc Pelland organized a very successful paintball wind-up to celebrate a great year of hard work and dedication. Here's to hoping we have yet another great year.

               With September having arrived so quickly, teams are looking for new motivated members to help with the hard work ahead. This year we’ve simplified the application process making it very simple to join a team. We’ve streamlined the application process with a new more in-depth application form, to help teams learn who you are be it with technical skills, knowledge, or just the eagerness to learn and grow, all in hopes to help take our teams to levels never seen before. So what are you waiting for, APPLY NOW!

               We also thank all members who came for the paintball windup last month. It was a great day filled with gripping excitement, sensory elation and deepening sense of community, which is exactly what was hoped for. Together we played capture the flag, exec vs all elimination and consumed 54 jumbo freezie pops. Not bad for a day’s work. Thanks goes to Marc for organizing such a great day of fun.

As we sadly say goodbye to summer, everyone at UMSAE wishes you the best in the upcoming school year.


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