Thesis: Adaptive Meshing for Detached Eddy Simulation (work in progress)

One part of my work for the CFD conference was the "Adaptive Meshing for DES” part of my poster, which a surprising amount of people were interested in.

Given that I was running on limited hardware, my motivation was to create the most optimized and efficient mesh I could in order to save on compute time. One thing I was happy about was that I was able to improve on Siemens methods for adaptive meshing (table based refinements), which took forever to mesh and and consumed over 128GB of RAM, not practical!

While my work for the conference in that aspect was limited in breadth, I decided I wanted to do an undergraduate thesis on it and found an advisor who would let me self-guide it under him.

The end objective for this research is to be able to create an optimized mesh for detached eddy simulation given any geometry, using volumetric refinements created from an initial RANS solution.

Learning outcomes:

  • Scale Resolving Simulation quality

  • Adaptive meshing methods

  • Better understanding of Detached Eddy Simulation