There are 5 ways you can sponsor us at UMSAE:

  1. Parts and Materials
    Donate in-kind items for us to use in our vehicles.

  2. Facilities
    Your facilities allow us to manufacture parts in ways we can't do on our own.

  3. Services
    Any opportunity for member training or analysis of our designs will help us improve as a team.

  4. Monetary Donations
    Help fund us for the things only money can buy. Click Donate Now below.

  5. Other
    If you think you have something to offer, get in touch with us and we can find out how you can benefit our teams.

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Why Sponsor UMSAE?

Sponsorship is essential for the success of UMSAE and its various design teams. Both monetary and material contributions are vital to the operation of this non-profit student organization. UMSAE therefore strives assure our sponsors promotional needs are met and can see the results of their contributions. With the support we have received from various companies UMSAE's design teams have made great strives in designing more and more competitive vehicles while allowing our members to have access to the equipment necessary to develop the strong technical skills.  With the continued support of our current sponsors and what we hope will be many new exciting sponsorship partners UMSAE hopes to continue it's record of dedication and success for many years to come.

This student organization would not exist with out the generosity of our sponsors! By sponsoring UManitoba SAE you will continue to provide students this unique and engaging experience which supplements their in class experience and provides them the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge. Many of our alumni have gone on to exciting professions in their respective fields.


As a non-profit organization, 100% of your donation goes towards the facilities, materials, and manufacturing needed to bring our vehicles to life.

Your contribution also counts as a charitable donation and you will be provided with a tax receipt in return.

Help Represent Manitoba

The SAE Collegiate Design Series consists of some of the largest and most prestigious student competitions in engineering. The competitions we attend in the USA are host to hundreds of teams from North America, as well as other teams that travel across the world to compete here. With your donation you are helping us represent University of Manitoba engineering at an international scale.

Faculty Testimony

"Students from these project teams are much better prepared for industry upon graduation, with real world skills and experience. Involved sponsors also benefit by having first pick in recruitment of the best prepared graduates the university can offer."

- Ed Hohenberg, P.Eng, UMSAE Faculty Advisor

"This program provides engineering students with practical hands-on-experiences, as well as communications and project management skills, that are required to ensure they excel in industry after graduation."

- Jonathan Beddoes Ph.D, P.Eng, Dean of Engineering

What You Get

We owe a great deal to our sponsors, and we do our best to recognize their contribution and promote them when possible.

Here's what our sponsors receive in return:

  • Hiring access to some of the top engineering students coming out of the University of Manitoba

  • Recognition on our website and team clothing as outlined in our sponsorship packet.

  • Invitation to our design reviews to see what you make possible

  • Recognition of your contribution on our social media pages.